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Veteran  Consultants and Executives
Build Industry Leading Organizations

Executive & Professional Recruiting

Leveraging global networks of  industry veterans spanning diverse disciplines.

Organizational Development Programs

Training programs strengthen work cultures, and imbue personnel with stronger leadership and effectiveness. 

Executive  Consulting  Services

Driving global & regional expansion, organically or via acquisitions, and  developing growth strategies with our executive consultants.


ROCS Global Recruiting Professionals and Proven Executives Build Industry Leading Teams for Clients

Filling roles at all management levels, our consultants use their experience and networks to discover, engage and assess talent to ensure they meet client needs. Extremely seasoned recruiting professionals and proven executives are the partners who address the broad range of roles ROCS clients need.

Expertise with industries, management levels and work disciplines enable our consultants to efficiently filter candidates to provide quality candidates, which saves clients the trouble of sifting through large quantities of poorly fitting candidates. Our skill and processes save hiring teams the effort of screening many candidates.

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