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"Improved talent drives team results"



Coaching professionals and leaders in diverse industries


Leadership and organizational potential are unleashed through coaching.

ROCS Global coaches professionals,  leaders, teams & organizations.

Develop the awareness, skills & capabilities that drive results....

For Individuals: 

A full range of offerings that develop individual leadership and professional capabilities:

  • Leadership & presence

  • Communications & presentations

  • Planning & organization

  • Negotiations & persuasion

  • Dealing with difficult people & situations

  • Media training

  • Leading meetings & discussions

  • ​Cross cultural assimilation

  • Dealing with difficult people & situations

  • Interpersonal skills and small talk

For Organizations: 

Programs and training that drive effectiveness for companies, units and teams:

  • Creating a creative and agile work culture

  • Cross functional collaboration

  • ​The "partner friendly" organization

  • "Market/Customer/User" centric 

  • Management by objectives for remote work environments

  • Collaboration through goal sharing

  • Developing employee ownership mentality

  • Growth mind management

  • Brainstorming and innovation

  • Design Thinking for Impact and Moonshots

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