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Veteran Consultants and Proven Executives
Curate Talent For Your Recruiting Needs

Seasoned recruiting professionals and proven executives deliver talent

that delights clients.

Experience and networks aggregate and engage talent,  all assessed to ensure candidates

fit client needs.

ROCS Global expertise

with industries, management levels, work disciplines.....

saves time for  clients.

Providing Talent For Diverse Roles


High quality expertise validated with credentials and track records of successes:

  • Software Development

  • Development Engineering

  • Research & Development

  • Finance and Accounting

  • Marketing, Sales and Business Development

  • Human Resources

  • Legal Staff

  • Operations, Manufacturing and Supply Chain

  • Product Management

  • Technical Support 



Bring new advantages and leadership, for faster growth and superior results:

  • General Manager: GM

  • SVP of Human Resources

  • SVP of Sales and Marketing

  • SVP of Engineering

  • VP of R&D

  • VP of Product Management

  • Finance Controller

  • Corporate Vice President

  • Managing Director

  • Executive Director

  • Regional President


Vision, leadership and presence that drives dramatic change in a company's trajectory:

  • Chief Executive Officer: CEO

  • President

  • Chief Financial Officer: CFO

  • ​Chief Technology Officer: CTO

  • General Counsel

  • Chief Marketing Officer: CMO

  • Chief Operations Officers: COO

  • Chief Information Officer: CIO

  • Chief Human Resources Officer: CHRO

  • Chief Revenue Officer: CRO

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